Muratec Provides Real Quality

Our total manufacturing process is designed to achieve high-quality, highly efficient production.

Muratec’s approach to total machine production combines cutting-edge technology with expert experience in on-site technology. To us, quality applies not only to the performance of our hardware but also to other aspects of customer satisfaction such as price, service and timing.

Advanced information systems, flexible and efficient production lines, process control and various databases are as essential to maintaining our commitment to total quality as basic production technology. We strive to understand our customers' needs and help them improve their businesses.

We back advanced engineering technology with expert experience.

In our pursuit of consistent quality, Muratec brings the concept of FMS (Flexible Manufacturing Systems) to each of its production sites. In 1981, the first FMS center was established at our factory in Inuyama, Japan. Today, we continue to apply FMS to a wide range of production processes in multiple production lines, according to our customers’ quality requirements. FMS has also evolved into a new concept called CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing), which supports the development of computer technology.

Muratec incorporates its extensive manufacturing experience and advanced hardware and software engineering technology into a growing range of products, materials and resources at all of our production facilities.