Cut it. Punch it. Move it.


Machine: Fabrication Division

High Speed Cutting Precision

Muratec's LS3015FC Fiber Laser is engineered for manufacturing operations that value high-precision cutting. The LS3015FC Fiber Laser advances precision cutting with a solid state fiber laser beam that enhances the ability to process sheet metal and highly reflective materials such as copper and aluminum while significantly reducing maintenance and operating costs. The LS3015FC is marketed and sold directly by Murata Machinery, USA under its Muratec brand.

Performance You Demand, Reliability You Trust

Innovations in Muratec Turret Punch Presses are allowing sheet metal manufacturers the flexibility to rapidly integrate processes to eliminate post operations, reduce costs and increase profits. The processes include:

Our push pull tooling design is influenced by the legendary Wiedemann line, whose Wiedematic revolutionized the industry. Muratec machines accommodate both thick turret tooling as well as push-pull style. Our machines are easy to use, offer flexibility and incorporate innovative, functional technology without the frills.

Automation To Increase Production Output

Murata Machinery has been a leader in developing efficient and user-friendly automation for turret punch presses for over 25 years. The Muratec brand of new automated turret punch press loading and unloading systems can double the production of a stand-alone machine.