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The LS3015FC 2D Fiber Laser is marketed and sold directly through Muratec.

The Muratec LS3015FC Fiber Laser incorporates fiber laser resonators from IPG, the world's leading provider of high-powered fiber laser resonators and amplifiers. The LS3015FC's low-power, short-wavelength laser beam significantly reduces maintenance cost and enhances the ability to process even highly reflective materials such as copper and aluminum. Muratec's advanced, proprietary technology integrates software and hardware to create a system that maximizes the fiber laser's cut quality, reliability, affordability and productivity. To help ensure maximum productivity, the LS3015FC also supports the power and accuracy of its fiber laser with Muratec’s efficient, user-friendly, automated material-handling systems.


Learn more about the Muratec LS3015FC Fiber Laser Machine here.

LS3015FC - Fiber Laser
Max. Cutting Area 3,070 mm x 1,550 mm x 95 mm
[120.8" x 61.0" x 3.7"]
Max. Material Weight 600 kg [1322 lbs]
Fast Traverse Speed 340 m/min (XY simultaneous)
Positioning Accuracy +/-0.01 mm [+/-0.0004"]
Repeat Accuracy +/-0.01 mm [+/-0.0004"]
Laser Wavelength 1.07 μm
Installation Area
(L × W × H)
11,400 mm × 3,750 mm × 2,590 mm
[37'5" × 12'4" × 8'16"]
Wattages Available 2.5, 4, 5
Air Supply Flow Rate: 130 NL/min
Pressure: 0.5 MPa [71 PSI]
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The LS3015FC Fiber Laser is marketed and sold directly through Muratec.