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The World's First Servo Motor Driven Punch Press

20 years ago, Muratec was the first manufacturer to introduce the servo motor ram drive concept in punch press technology.

The versatility of the functions, which had only been possible with servo-hydraulic ram machines, is a reality with the drive system on our Motorum series machines.

The Murata Intelligent Control Operations interface provides the ability to enhance machine production time by minimizing setup time required by the operator. Assistance is provided for tool changes, turret load monitoring, scheduling , tool maintenance, along with other features that maximize machine green light time.


A Variety of Functions to Suit Your Requirements

Motorum M2044TC
Punching Capacity 22.4 tons 20.4 metric
Max. Sheet Thickness 0.25" 6.35 mm
Max. Sheet Size
(without repositioning)
49.21" x 49.21" 1,250 mm x 1,250 mm
Throat Depth 51.1" 1,300 mm
Table Speed 4,920"/min 125 m/min
Hit Rate Punching: 0.984" (25 mm) Pitch 240 HPM
Marking: 0.020" (0.5 mm) Pitch 900 HPM
Punching Accuracy +/- 0.004" +/- 0.1 mm
Turret Layouts Standard: 18 Station (3 A/I) (114 Style)
Standard: 22 Station (2 A/I) (114 Style)
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